Frequently Asked Questions

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All deals on SugbuDeals are exclusive online offers you can’t get anywhere else, not even if you go directly to the merchant. So if you like something, we suggest you get it here while the offer is available.

Yes, SugbuDeals is an SMS coupon delivery platform. You don’t have to pay or enter any payment details to receive an SMS coupon.

We developed SugbuDeals to be a no-hassle, no-mess, no-stress place for getting local deals and special offers. By using our site, you are helping the environment through our paperless approach to delivering coupons — a feature that is unique among deal sites in the country.

The “fine print” for each deal is provided in the descriptions tab in the deals/offer page.

We’d love to include your offer. Please email us at: or message us via chat below.

Nope. But, if you want to be the first to know what the latest deals are and when they’ll be available, then you should definitely subscribe to our newsletter.


No. All SMS coupons will not be honored after the deal/offer expired. Make sure to redeem your SMS Coupon before the deal/offer ends.


Yes. By claiming a deal/offer, you are automatically enrolled in the participating merchant’s Mobile VIP Club.
Being a member of the Club entitles you to exclusive members only offers, discounts and other members only privileges.
As a member, you might also be receiving SMS offers from the participating merchants (no more than 8 SMS messages per month.)

Unsubscribing is easy. Just make a request via chat. Don’t forget to include the name and phone number that you used to register.

If you have joined multiple clubs, please also include the name of the participating merchant which you wish to unsubscribe from.

It will take up to 48 hours (usually less) to check and remove you from the list.

Please note that you can only unsubscribe from SMS sent by “SUGBUDEALS”


Most coupons would require you to show to the participating merchant the SMS Coupon that you received from us. Other coupons might have other requirements for redeeming. If it has other requirements, instructions will be included in the in the SMS coupon.

Please send a support ticket and we will contact the participating merchant. It could be that the staff member you talked to might not be aware of the promotion. If this is the case, we will request the business owner to re-orient their staff and contact you with further instructions on how to redeem your SMS coupon.

It may also be due to a breach of the deal terms or an expired coupon. If so, the participating merchant reserves the right to refuse your SMS coupon.


I’m concerned about privacy. Who can see my name and phone number?

We take your privacy seriously and would never share or sell any information that you have provided through our website. Only SugbuDeals and the participating merchant have access to your data. For complete list of who can access your data, please read our full privacy policy and terms of use.