About SugbuDeals

SugbuDeals is a private volunteer project to help in the government's effort to restart the recovery of local businesses in Metro Cebu and Cebu Province. Like many around the world, Cebu was hit hard by quarantine and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many local businesses are struggling to remain open.

Local businesses are the life blood of our community. The owners are our friends, neighbors or someone we know. They provide jobs, support the economy and deliver valuable products and services.

We are owners of local businesses too that was greatly affected by the pandemic and we are passionate about helping the community rise up. We are hoping that through this website, we can also help in the recovery of the local economy.

Find your new favorite restaurant, salon, pet store, spa, and more. See who is offering discounts and exclusive deals. Learn more and support the businesses in your community. Encourage your favorite businesses to add their deals and offers to this valuable local resource.

Together, we can buy local and support local!